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Thread: Myth Buster: Myth vs. Fact on the TSA Workforce

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    Default Myth Buster: Myth vs. Fact on the TSA Workforce

    Myth Buster: Myth vs. Fact on the TSA Workforce


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    Default Transit Authority Track Record of Services

    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    Myth Buster: Myth vs. Fact on the TSA Workforce

    From the evidence over the past five years, we can assuredly say this is a fact. The evidence the TSA is providing is insane. The average TSA employee when hired is making just a little above minimum wage. The benefits package is nice but the morale has to be low if people are willing to abandon their posts to do other things.

    We have also seen HUGE failures stateside and across North America.

    The TSA is trying to run a propaganda campaign in wake of 9/11 to mitigate risk to itself. Technically it can be held accountable whenever a plane has something wrong with it. This propaganda campaign is to support a positive image of itself so that it will not be questioned.

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    And we could cut that work force down and keep the good ones around by profiling at the airports; no need to frisk grandma and her 4 year old granddaughter from Houston TX, and let the man in a turban and his wife that is clothed from head to foot just walk on by because we might offend them, Oh yeah that's right, Janet in all her wisdom made them exempt from those invasions based on their religion so they have to frisk somebody...

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