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Thread: World War II Army Nurses on Tinian

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    Default World War II Army Nurses on Tinian

    I just read an article about Tinian. There was no mention of the courageous nurses that were stationed there as well. My mother was a 2nd Lt. army nurse stationed there to care for the wounded, as well as orphaned children that survived the taking of the island. My mother left a scrap book full of pictures of daily life for the military, planes, facilities, and the children. Some of the pictures are labeled, but many of the scrapbook pages are in bad condition due to age. It's an awesome testament to the extraordinary work of many brave women who did their part to win the war.
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    I know this is an old thread, but my mother was also an Army nurse on Tinian, who was there when The Bombs were delivered and dropped. My dad flew Hellcats from Saipan, three miles away. He would fly over to Tinian and borrow a jeep from a motor pool Sgt. in return for sneaking the Sgt.'s girlfriend out with my mother. Any mention of a Shirley O'Mara Barker Nichols in your mom's scrapbook?

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