Indonesia Made New Varians Type PM Assault Rifle, SS2 Bullpup And SS3 Bullpup Series By PT. Pindad

Indonesia through a company Pt. Pindad create new weapon types of PM products to meet the needs of the Indonesian Military in the care and defense of the Republic of Indonesia. As a military company which is the mainstay Indonesia Pt. Pindad always innovating to create military weapons that are reliable and International quality. So do not be surprised if many countries in Asia, Europe and the Arabs who are interested in the products produced by Pt. Pindad.

So PT.PINDAD Indonesia creates product or an assault rifle Assault Weapons Newest type with a variety of types and the latest variation. Product latest assault rifle was named the series PM and has been used by the Indonesian military and get a response postip of excellence and reliability of these rifles Pm series. Because this type of weapon Pm made of lightweight and rust resistant, so does need to be cleaned out when in use.

Indonesia Made Varians Type SS3 Bullpup Series By PT. Pindad

Indonesia Defense New Varians Next Generation SS-2 Bullpup Assaul Rifle PT. Pindad

Assault Rifle Type Varians PM PT. Pindad Indonesia