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Thread: Vietnam: 11 ACR against the VC D445 Battalion in Phuoc Tuy

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    Default Vietnam: 11 ACR against the VC D445 Battalion in Phuoc Tuy

    Hi all – as you know 11 ACR fought many engagements in Phuoc Tuy during the War - down Route 2 and in the Hat Dich and the May Tao mountains. An Australian Army veteran (ex 1 ATF at Nui Dat), I’ve recently translated and published “The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story” - which includes some engagements against 11 ACR. The communist rhetoric and propaganda makes it a “heavy read”, but I’ve added hundreds of footnotes for context and “correction”. I’ve placed it on the Internet as “free-to-read” at . While esoteric, it might be of interest to 11 ACR historians. So far on the Internet, the book's had over 4,500 Australian veterans’ “reads”. I’m currently working on the histories of other communist units including 33 NVA Regiment - a regular opponent of 11 ACR, 440 VC LF Battalion, and the Chau Duc and Dat Do District Units. Regards to all, Ernie Chamberlain (Brigadier - Retd, Melbourne, Australia).

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    thanks for the post Ernie, I was up north off route 9 my time there but I can't wait to give this a read and some of the others you translate as well when they happen.

    Simper Fi


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