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Thread: [Breaking News] North Korea says fuel being injected into rocket now

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    Angry [Breaking News] North Korea says fuel being injected into rocket now

    North Korea was injecting fuel into a long-range rocket “as we speak”, the head of the North Korean satellite control centre said on Wednesday ahead of a launch condemned by its neighbours and the West.

    “I think the fuel injection will be completed at an appropriate date,” Paek Chang-ho, head of the satellite control centre of the Korean Committee of Space Technology, told a group of foreign journalists.

    He would not comment on when the fuel injection would be complete. “And as for the exact timing of the launch, it will be decided by my superiors”, Paek said.

    Regional powers said the launch, due sometime between Thursday and next Monday, is a disguised test of the North’s long-range missile. The North says it is merely putting a weather satellite into space.

    ---N.Korea's long range rocket launch is provocative action...!!!

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    I read that North Korea launched a rocket a couple years ago that flew right over Japan. As the USD is a member of SEATO they would be justified in targeting any missile leaving North Korean airspace. If it were a nuclear tipped dirty bomb grade weapon it could cause damage and present a clear and present danger to our forces as well as allied nations. Ofcourse a pulse weapon or emp that scrambled the missiles guidance and tracking system on takeoff couldn't hurt. Accidents happen and it may spur China to get off the fence and stabilize their colony.

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